NEW! Floral Magnet Gift Sets

NEW! Floral Magnet Gift Sets

floral magnet gift sets packaged as a trio with sitting on top of a floral tea towel next to a basket of flowers
We were so excited to release these new petal & pins Floral Magnet Gift Sets at Life In Style Sydney in February and they were a hit at the show where they garnered smiles from everyone who saw them!

Available in two styles, both with whimsical charm each set features a trio of magnets packaged on a beautifully illustrated A5 picture postcard. Choose from Garden Roses MTS-GR01 and The Garden Fairy's Wardrobe MTS-GFW - featuring three of our popular botanical couture designs, Romance Hellebore, Cecile Brünner rose and Hydrangea 

The first batch sold out so quickly it's a tie as to which is the most popular!

They're a fun way to add a  floral touch to fridges, filing cabinets or white boards and an inexpensive whimsical gift idea which will be great for Christmas stocking stuffers come December.


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